Anti-cellulite can massage in Kyiv

Anti-cellulite cupping massage in Kyiv

Anti-cellulite cupping massage is one of the options for traditional cupping therapy in Kyiv.

Massage gives impressive results: it relaxes soft tissues, removes excess fluid from the body along with toxins, softens scars and loosens connective and adipose tissue. At the same time, blood circulation in problem areas is normalized, cellulite disappears. In the process of cupping massage, blood supply and nutrition to muscles and skin are enhanced, they are removed from toxins and toxins. This is evidenced by a surge of heat during the session, and a long tingling sensation after it ends.

The only way to get to know this massage is to experience it for yourself.

Vacuum can massage in Kyiv

Cup vacuum massage is becoming more and more popular type of massage in Kyiv. With increased blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin and underlying tissues, it activates metabolic processes in cells, improves their oxygen supply, and accelerates lymph circulation.

Usually such a massage is done on those parts of the body where the muscle-fat layer is well expressed. This is the area of ​​the shoulder, lower back, thigh, paravertebral zone and the upper third of the lower leg. The duration of the vacuum massage procedure ranges from 5 to 20 minutes. The massage ends after the formation of persistent redness of the skin.

Cupping massage irritates the surface layer of the epidermis, superficial lymphatic and blood vessels, nerve endings in the subcutaneous tissue. Sliding cupping massage allows you to purposefully regulate the mechanism of blood flow in the areas exposed to it. Improving the outflow of lymph due to massage procedures, forms a beautiful body, smoothes the skin relief and relieves stagnant manifestations.

Cupping procedure

Anti-cellulite cupping massage in Kyiv

Initially, the skin is lubricated with massage oil or a special anti-cellulite massage gel is applied, after which a massage jar with a certain atmospheric pressure is placed on the skin surface. When the skin is pulled inward a little, the massage therapist begins to smoothly move the jar.

The effect of the canned vacuum massage appears quickly enough and, with the right professional conduct of this procedure, can surpass all other methods of physiotherapy.

Anti-cellulite cupping massage in Kyiv is gaining more and more popularity. After all, its effectiveness has long been proven. A large number of overweight clients have long felt this effect. Try it too!

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