Relaxing massage in Kyiv

Relaxing massage in Kyiv - relaxation massage of the whole body, relieving fatigue and muscle tension.

Massage relieves stress, depression and headaches, increases the body’s defenses.

Preparing for a relaxing massage

Relaxing massage in Kyiv

When performing a relaxing massage, the room temperature should be 21-24˚С. For additional relaxation of the body, the lighting is muted. Very often, the massage therapist creates a special smell in the room, which helps to calm the nerves. Medicinal properties will provide a therapeutic effect. As much oil as possible is used so that the hands glide easily over the body.

Basic techniques in relaxation massage

Relaxing massage in Kyiv

If massage is performed at home by an inexperienced person, then he will be able to do elementary massage techniques that will not harm, but will only benefit. Their technique is simple and learning to massage is easy.


Gentle and slow stroking movements maintain constant continuous contact with the patient’s body. The movements are from below towards the heart to relax the superficial muscles, stimulate the superficial circulation and ensure a smooth transition to a light warming rubbing.


Without taking the hands off the body, the palm or the edge of the palm gently perform reciprocating movements in the same direction. Rubbing techniques alternate with stroking movements.


Kneading movements are performed deeply and at the same time very softly, progressively, without taking your hands off the body. Alternate with stroking, rubbing and twisting with one or two hands, circular movements with fingertips to stimulate deep blood circulation and relax large muscles.

Additional massage movements

Light vibration is applied with both hands, pinching, squeezing, light tapping with the edge of the palm with fingers spread like a fan. Movements are needed only after relaxation of large muscles inside the body to reduce superficial muscle tension, increase muscle tone and flexibility, and stimulate blood circulation. Finish the massage with rubbing and stroking movements.

Relaxing massage for women

Relaxing massage in Kyiv

Relaxing massage for women is performed with elements of lymphatic drainage massage to relieve swelling of the legs, improve intestinal motility, relieve spasms and muscle pain, headache, and increase skin tone.

The legs are given special attention. Women, like men, are constantly exposed to stress, mental and physical stress. Massage techniques increase the flow of arterial blood to the massaged area, enhancing the processes of secretion of fat and sweat in the glands, removing dead epidermis, resuming metabolic processes in the skin. Each man knows how to perform stroking movements, can master the basic massage techniques along the blood vessels, lymphatic pathways using relaxing oil.